Hugo docDock theme

Hugo-theme-docdock is a theme for Hugo, a fast and modern static website engine written in Go. Hugo is often used for blogs, this theme is fully designed for documentation.

This theme is a partial porting of the Learn theme of matcornic . and its default style “flex” comes from’s documentation.

docDock works with a “page tree structure” to organize content : All contents are pages, which belong to other pages. read more about this

Main features

Layout styles

This theme comes with two distinctive layout styles: Flex and Original. The main documentation is built with Flex, though available also in Original style

Style “Flex” (default)

Style “Original”

Contribute to this documentation

Feel free to update this content, just click the Edit this page link displayed on top right of each page, and pullrequest it

Documentation website

This current documentation has been statically generated with Hugo with a simple command : hugo -t docdock – source code is available here at GitHub

Automated deployments

Automatically published and hosted thanks to Netlify.

Read more about Automated HUGO deployments with Netlify